Is Your Home As Safe As You Think?

Is Your Home As Safe As You Think?

Home is considered to be among the safest place for kids as well as for the various other family members. While, talking about kids you need to give a second though to this belief of yours baby journey blog. Do you really believe that your home is safe for your kids? Does it have all the necessary safety requirements that are essential to make it safe for the kids? Do you really know that a child is killed every two weeks as a result of falling furniture or home appliances? Knowing this fact, you really need to re consider your belief which states that home is the safest place for the kids. 

As per the studies, on an average 8000 children do die every year as a result of unintentional injuries caused at home. Knowing this fact, being parents you should make efforts to make your home safe for your kids. This could be implemented with the help of various apps and websites that inform about the various ways through which you could make your home safe for your kids. Consider the points mentioned below to maintain a safe atmosphere for your baby.

Create a Safe Home with These 7 Household Safety Tips

Prevent falls

Falls are the most common accidents that are found happening at homes Falling from the furniture like the bed, stair cases, tables and chairs are some of the most common forms of accidents. You need to look out and make measures to prevent falls as much as possible. Remove high heighted furniture from your home that is of no necessity, or make sure to place bouncy mattresses on the floor as this could prevent severe injuries. In the initial stages of your baby’s life, you will have to make the necessary arrangements considering the safety viewpoint. 

5 Child Safety Tips To Make Your Home Safe for Kids - KDA Homes

Get shutter electric switches installed 

Electric switches are found to be one of the riskiest sources of a major accident caused to the kids. Companies manufacturing electronics have brought shutter switches which are a safe option for the homes where kids dwell in.  Socket covers are other options through which a safety layer could be put to the electric sockets. 

To protect the kids from the electronic shocks, it is always advisable to place the electronics away from the reach of the kids. 

Protect against scalds

Scalds are among the most common injuries caused to kids. Make sure not to place hot drinks and liquids within reach of the children. Always serve hot drinks to your children after 15 minutes from when they had been prepared. 

Furthermore, while cooking makes sure to keep the pans and saucepans away from the reach of your child. Some mothers do have a habit of making their kids accompany them while they are cooking. This could prove to be really dangerous if you are not precautious. Make sure the cooking utensils are placed at a safe range and children are not present too close to it. A little concentration on the precautionary measures could bring great relief to your safety concerns related to your child.