Do You Know What The Vocation Of Your Children Is?

Do you know what the vocation of your children is? Because it is your duty to discover it. Children can give you signals about what they like to do or what it is that attracts their attention the most, but it will be your duty to guide them on the right path so that they can discover exactly what they like to do the most. Remember that the vocation will be yours alone, it has nothing to do with your desires towards what you would like them to do.

The Vocation Of Children

The vocation does not come when one is an adult, nor does it show itself in adolescence … The vocation begins to show itself when children are quite young and begin to show their interests. Parents just have to watch out for those signs to know where their children want to go. Observation is the best tool for you to find out what that vocation is about.

You won’t discover it in an afternoon, far from it. You will need many days, months and even years of observation, to check their tastes, to try new things and see which ones your child responds best to. Children are spontaneously interested in things such as drawing, painting, animals, insects, cars … Parents need to ask themselves why they are interested in these things and not in others. Your child will be showing you the signs of what he is passionate about almost without you noticing.

Be Attentive To The Signs

Children may say one day that they want to be a firefighter and another day a Formula One driver and suddenly switch to being a veterinarian. Any child who explores the world wants to discover everything he can and more, although when he is not influenced by other external factors, he will naturally show you what he really likes and is interested in.

Play is the best strategy that can be used for a child to feel comfortable and show you what his vocation is. With the game they can comfortably explore their world. When a child enters a state of emotional fluency thanks to the activity he is doing, then it will be a great sign for you. It will show you that he is enjoying himself and that what he does as well as what he loves, dominates it almost naturally.

The Importance Of Free Play

In order to discover the vocation of your children it is very important that you allow them to play with total freedom, without restrictions, that they are able to discover the world that surrounds them spontaneously. The game will allow you to discover the elements, discover with the symbolic game what you really like and you will want to do it again and again, because it feels good to ‘play’ what you are so passionate about.

Help You Enjoy Your Vocation As A Child

If he likes the piano, let him enjoy learning… But don’t inculcate him to play a musical instrument just because you think it is good for him / her and your little one really hates it. Think about adults, when they do what they love at work, they will never really be working, they will be enjoying it! For children it is the same with a vocation, they do not have to feel that they are striving to learn something or to improve … They do not have to feel that it is an obligation, because a vocation is absolute pleasure in developing a specific activity.

When a child is small, he will not know very well what kinds of professions adults develop in their lives, but perhaps, even if a child does not know what a biologist is, he loves bugs and things related to nature, he may not know what an astronomer is, but they love the stars and they won’t know what a mechanic does either, but they love taking apart cars to see what they have inside … They need freedom and confidence to be able to enjoy what they like through games or books.