Why A Tattoo In Honor Of Your Child Is A Good Idea

Maybe you are a person who is fascinated by tattoos and you already have in mind what your next tattoo will be. Or on the contrary, you may be one of those people who think that tattoos are a waste of money and time because at some point in life, sooner or later, you will regret having tattooed the design you had in mind or that you dared to do at the time. But, a tattoo in honor of your child will always be a good idea.

The Tattoos

It is true that there are people who tattoo some designs and over time they regret having done it and may even think that it was never a good idea. This happens especially when the tattoo artist is not a good professional and the design does not look really nice on the skin, when it is a fashionable (and therefore temporary) tattoo, when it is the name of someone who was left behind in your life. (like an ex-partner), when it is a symbol that has lost its meaning in your life due to the circumstances, etc.

There are really many situations in which people can regret the tattoos they have done, they may even regret to the point that they remove it with a laser treatment or even, that they tattoo something else on top to hide the old one tattoo.

But if there is a type of tattoo that you will never regret, without a doubt it is the tattoo that you dedicate to your children because that love lasts from the moment you get pregnant and for a lifetime. You just have to think carefully about what type of tattoo you want and what is the symbol that best suits you with motherhood or with your children.

Tattoos In Honor Of Children

If there is a love so strong that not a single tattoo can capture its full magnitude, it is undoubtedly the love that is felt towards children. For this reason, a tattoo in honor of your children will always be a wonderful idea so that when they grow up and are reflected on your skin, they realize that the love you feel towards them is much more than they think. Of course, a tattoo does not mean anything in itself, and love must be shown to children also through words and actions.

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo in honor of your children but do not know which one could be better for you or that reflects the great love you feel towards them, let us give you some ideas:

  • The name of your children
  • The date of your birth and your name
  • The initials or initial of your name
  • A symbol that is important to you and your child
  • A design that shows motherhood
  • A familiar symbol

There are also families that must go through the harsh tragedy of losing a child, of becoming an angel due to illness or other reasons. Getting a tattoo in his honor is a way to always keep him in mind, to feel him close, not to forget that he will always be part of your heart even if he has become a star in the sky.

Do you have a tattoo dedicated to your children? Do you regret having done it or do you know that it is the tattoo that you will never regret wearing on your skin? The feeling towards the children is so great and so deep that the love of a mother cannot be measured through a tattoo, but it is a way to reaffirm that love so great that it is felt not only from the heart, but from the gut.